About Me!

I graduated from New York University in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science.

I discovered my love for design after taking my second programming class ever, Intro to Web Development; this class opened my eyes to the visual creative realm of coding. After learning about the integral research and design process that goes behind building any application, I knew this is the path I wanted to pursue. I have found designing products with the purposes of improving users' lives the most rewarding as helping others in any way that I can is a passion of mine.

When I'm not protoyping and programming, I am most likely out and about in New York City taking pictures or restaurant hopping. I love shooting underexposed photography (check out my photography website under the Creative tab!) and am a huge foodie, especially when it comes to desserts! My other hobbies include fashion, music, and board games. Currently, my favorite clothing trend is a good pair of chunky loafers and an artist I haven't been able to stop listening to is Still Woozy. Oh, and if you ever want to play a game of Catan and Scattergories, or solve a 1000+ piece puzzle, I'm in!